Adult Coloring Explosion (WebJunction)

Libraries are hosting adult coloring programs weekly, monthly, as a series, or as a one-time event. Libraries are scheduling events over the lunch hour, in the afternoon, in the evening, or making coloring available at drop-in times.For more passive programming, some libraries are setting up a display, perhaps near the public computers, with colored pencils and markers. One library is hosting a Coloring Contest for adults, with the coloring done at home, and a public viewing and awards ceremony at the library. And we learned of one library district who has purchased adult coloring books to put in circulation, encouraging people to color in them and then turn them back in. When the books are filled with color, the library will put them on display.

Source: Adult Coloring Explosion (WebJunction)

Before this WebJunction article came out, I had not realized that adult coloring was a thing. While I’m not aware of any Alaskan libraries doing this, that doesn’t mean it isn’t going on.

Seeing it explained like this, I think I would attend such a program, especially if it came with Hubble coloring books. I’m sure some are out there.


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