How well do you know your genres?

A coworker recently introduced me to the fourth edition of:

The ARRT Popular Fiction List: A Self-Evaluative Bibliography for Readers Advisors by the (IL) Adult Reading Round Table Steering Committee

If you are involved with providing reader’s advisory or just want to better round out your reading, I highly recommend working through this list. It is broken into genres and subgenres. A list of authors is provided in each section and you indicate whether you have:

  • Read the author
  • Read about the author (reviews, etc)
  • Heard of the author
  • Never heard of the author

The authors lists are not meant to be comprehensive, just a listing of the authors the committee behind this workbook considered “most important, popular and who are currently writing.”

I’m not a reader’s adviser. I am a technology consultant/training working for a state library agency. But I do consider myself well read, particularly in the areas of mystery and science fiction. The ARRT inventory made me reconsider, particularly in mystery. So many recent authors I hadn’t heard of. It was like the phone ringing and saying “This is 1990s. We want our authors back.” I don’t know if I have it in me to add to my extensive to-read list, but I’m definitely keeping some new authors in mind.

If you do work in readers’ advisory, I’d love your opinion on how useful you find this tool.

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