Copyright Abandonment – District Dispatch (ALA)

Putting all silliness aside, the real reason for this post is a reminder that copyright exists “to advance the progress of science and useful arts.” The Framers believed that by giving creators monopoly rights, they would more likely make their creative works and inventions available to the public thereby benefiting society as a whole. Therefore, exclusive rights should only be as broad as they need be to incentivize creation. It is as simple as that. During this multi-year copyright review, might the House Judiciary subcommittee consider tailoring back copyright for the greater good or will they abandon the public interest and leave it in the front yard?

Source: Copyright Abandonment – District Dispatch


Good words from Carrie Russell of the American Library Association Washington Office.

While there is a role for some kind of copyright monopoly, we all lose from the current term of Life plus 70 years. So much of our common culture is unmixable. Why do you think so many Hollywood movies are reboots of intellectual property they already own? There’s a reason for that.



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