Social Media Decisions: Twitter Yes / LibraryThing No

In my post 2016 Personal Social Media Inventory, I shared the social media I was currently using. I also shared the outlets I was definitely keeping, the ones I planned to get rid of and several I was still mulling over.

Twitter and LibraryThing were two of my maybes, but no longer.

Twitter goes to “keep.” Today I discovered that if you use TweetDeck to access Twitter, individual users can schedule tweets. This ability should be very helpful in my ongoing work to promote the State Agency Databases Project I coordinate for ALA GODORT.

LibraryThing goes to “discard.” As mentioned in my earlier post, I haven’t participated on LibraryThing since January 2014. Pretty much all of my fellow readers are on GoodReads, and the ones who aren’t don’t publicly disclose their reading. So I went ahead and deleted that account.

Decisions still needed:

  • Eclectic Alaskan (leaning keep, maybe with hiatus notice)
  • GooglePlus (still need to research its dependencies)
  • Instagram (leaning discard)
  • Writer’s Guide to Government Information (Will not be kept in current form, but still considering disposition options)


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