Social Media Decisions: Bye Bye Personal Blog

In my post 2016 Personal Social Media Inventory, I shared the social media I was currently using. I also shared the outlets I was definitely keeping, the ones I planned to get rid of and several I was still mulling over.

My “personal” blog of Eclectic Alaskan was on my list of maybes. I’ve had it for a long time, but a lot of the things I used to share on my personal blog, I’ve been sharing through Facebook. So I needed to either recommit to the blog or share my personal stuff (photos, politics, etc) through Facebook. After some soul searching, I reluctantly froze my blog, leaving up posts as historical information. I explained my decision in my last blog post at Eclectic Alaskan.

To clarify, THIS blog WILL continue. It is a convenient place to blog my learning activities and opinions about developments in the library and information science field.

Depending on how Facebook develops (degrades/enrages), I reserve the right to revive Eclectic Alaskan.

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