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Book Review: Connecting Alaskans

I recently finished the book: Hudson, Heather E. 2015. Connecting Alaskans: telecommunications in Alaska from telegraph to broadband. If you live or frequently work in Alaska or rural communications, I highly recommend this book to you.  It is readable for … Continue reading

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Review (sort of) Childhood’s End by Arthur C. Clarke

I recently experienced Arthur C Clarke’s Childhood’s End in two media: BOOK Clarke, Arthur C. 1953. Childhood’s end. New York: Ballantine Books. DVD Hurran, Nick, Matthew Graham, Paul M. Leonard, John G. Lenic, Mike Vogel, Osy Ikhile, Daisy Betts, et … Continue reading

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These are the worst passwords of 2015 – The Washington Post For the third year in a row, 123456 is the most popular password. Followed by “password.” Be better than this.

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Weak encryption won’t defeat terrorists – but it will enable hackers | Trevor Timm | Opinion | The Guardian

Apple CEO Tim Cook has repeatedly and strongly criticized those in government who have demanded backdoors, explaining: “You can’t have a back door in the software because you can’t have a back door that’s only for the good guys.” And … Continue reading

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Week 3: HarveyMuddX: CS002x Programming in Scratch, comes with a baby music keyboard

After a June hiatus, I’m back at working my way though HarveyMuddX: CS002x Programming in Scratch. Week 3 was devoted to variables and some specialized event controls.  For the most part it was easy for me because I’m familiar with the … Continue reading

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Day 4: Scratch Week 2 and Using My Geometry | Eclectic Alaskan

Sometimes we labor hard for a modest result. Such was my experience with Week 2 of the Programming With Scratch. I found week 1’s music based project empowering. Week 2’s Drawing with a Computer was considerably harder to get through. … Continue reading

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Coyle’s InFormation: Catalogers and Coders

The library catalog is not a classic case of the assembly line, but it has the element of different workers being tasked with different aspects of an outcome, but no one responsible for the whole. We have (illogically, I say) … Continue reading

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