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Exploring possible societies: Childhood’s End

I recently reread a science fiction classic: Clarke, Arthur C. 1953. Childhood’s end. New York: Ballantine Books. If you haven’t read the book, Wikipedia has a good synopsis. Part of the book describes a golden age of humanity prior to … Continue reading

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Still alive

In case anyone was curious. I’ve gotten stuck in too much political reading and very busy at work. But still intend to write things from time to time.

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Visualizing Blood Pressure Data

At the risk of getting TMI with you, I’m being treated for high blood pressure. As a result, I track my blood pressure with an app called BP Watch. This allows me to print logs of my blood pressure to … Continue reading

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Craftsman’s Approach to Tool Selection / Deep Work

I recently finished the book: Newport, Cal. 2016. Deep work. Find in a Library There’s a lot I could say about this book and how it has potential to help people develop, but I think my coworker has already done … Continue reading

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What Do I Know? (External Blog): Data Journalism In The Alternative Fact Era

Data Journalism seems to be a hot topic these days as large data bases are increasingly becoming available.  For me the issue is figuring out how to download them, clean them up, and then play with them to find interesting … Continue reading

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2016 Personal Social Media Inventory

I have an aspiration to review my personal social media outlets once a year. Can’t tell you the last time that I did one, but I did one this year. I’m a firm believer in the idea that an unused … Continue reading

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Working Through CRAAP – Protecting a Muslim

This is NOT a fact check. A fact check is where I test whether something is true or not, come to a conclusion, and expect you to believe me. While I hope that you would believe me if I’ve done … Continue reading

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