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Inked RA | American Libraries Magazine Several libraries tried out recommending books based on a person’s tattoo and what the tat meant to a person. The programs worked very well! Advertisements

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#100DaysOfCode – Day 1

Hi all, After a long break, I’m trying to get back into code, both web development and data analysis. A coworker suggested that I try #100DaysOfCode. I started four days ago and feel reasonably confident this is something I can … Continue reading

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Google Pixel: Cord for Transferring Files

I recently got a Google Pixel and was frustrated that I couldn’t use it’s charger cord to connect to my computer. I also couldn’t use my portable charger on my Pixel. I eventually realized what I needed was a USB … Continue reading

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Book Review: Station Eleven

I recently finished the book: Mandel, Emily St. John. 2017. Station eleven. Toronto: Harper Collins Canada. Find in a library. This is a book I would not have read left to myself. I read this book because it is part … Continue reading

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Exploring possible societies: Childhood’s End

I recently reread a science fiction classic: Clarke, Arthur C. 1953. Childhood’s end. New York: Ballantine Books. If you haven’t read the book, Wikipedia has a good synopsis. Part of the book describes a golden age of humanity prior to … Continue reading

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Still alive

In case anyone was curious. I’ve gotten stuck in too¬†much political reading and very busy at work. But still intend to write things from time to time.

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Visualizing Blood Pressure Data

At the risk of getting TMI with you, I’m being treated for high blood pressure. As a result, I track my blood pressure with an app called BP Watch. This allows me to print logs of my blood pressure to … Continue reading

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