Personal Learning Network (PLN)

While I’ve always used various resources to keep up to date in my field, my participation in the Fall 2013 Hyperlinked Library MOOC motivated me to write down my idea of an online personal learning network. I’ve decided to share my goals, scope statement and resource lists in the hopes you will find them useful.

Goals Statement:

My online professional learning network will:

  • Keep me up to date on emerging technologies likely to be of use to libraries
  • Keep me informed about new developments in delivering tutorials and distance based instructional opportunities
  • Provide ideas and best practices for staff development training
  • Allow me to quickly learn new tech specific skills such as new programming languages or software packages
  • Keep me up to date on developments in Alaskan libraries, archives and museums

Defined Scope (Updated August 2014):

I am the Internet and Technology Consultant for the Alaska State Library. In this role I provide advice and training to Alaska’s libraries on technology and software issues. In addition, I am the lead for the web team of the Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums.

I also provide assistance to the Alaska Library Network in database authentication and user education issues.

Resource areas:

Network Maintainance Plan (Updated August 2014):

I will monitor my network mostly through e-mail, Twitter and Facebook.

I will review my network at these times:

  • Once a year in January
  • Whenever my job duties change
  • When pieces of the network die (i.e. if Facebook were to go under)
  • If I become bored with its output

For skill-specific pieces of my network, I would discard resources as I gained full confidence in the skill (i.e. Python, Javascript) and replace it with items of a reference nature.

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