PLN – Emerging Tech

Personal Learning Network – Emerging Technology

I reviewed and updated this area on August 16, 2014

Here are the resources I find useful in following emerging technologies in libraries:

  • Lita-L – Discussion of what is new and interesting along with what works and doesn’t in libraries.
  • Twitter – I added this back to my network on the basis of HyperLibMOOC classmates. Following fellow technologists and tracking tags like 3dprinting is helpful.
  • Facebook: MakerSpaces and the Participatory Library  – Easy way to keep up with people interested in MakerSpaces and related tech.
  • Computers in Libraries via Ebscohost journal alert  – I get several journal alerts through EBSCO. Computers in libraries has good case studies on how libraries use current and emerging technologies. (Note – Link is only good for EBSCO subscribers)
  • OCLC Above the Fold – This brings in high level tech and social behavior thinking from outside the LIS universe.

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